School uniformPE kit
Jade polo shirtWhite t-shirt
Jade sweatshirt or
Jade cardigan
Black shorts
Grey or black school trousers or
Grey or black skirt or
Grey or black pinafore
Plain jogging bottoms and sweatshirt for cold weather
Plain all-black shoesPlimsolls or trainers
Summer: jade or purple gingham dress is acceptable in the Summer
Grey or black school shorts are acceptable in the Summer
Jewellery: ear studs or small hoops if ears are pierced. Ear piercings must be taken out or taped over during PE lessons.
Make-up: no make-up please

Second-hand uniform

Our second-hand uniform is kept clean and in good condition. If you would like to find out how to obtain second-hand uniform, please contact our Parent Link Worker, Mrs Ensby.