At the Academy every effort is made to promote and live equality.

All three main elements of duty are fully embraced;

  • To eliminate discrimination,
  • Advance equality of opportunity and
  • Foster good relations

Below there are links to the full detail of the Equality Policies in place at the Academy, including our annual statement of intent which outlines the characteristics of the school community along with our equality objectives for the current academic year.

Excerpts from the IQM report we are so proud to have been awarded July 2014;

“The school is determined to bond its groups into a common identity. You can see this determination before you see the school. Its sign is high and huge and gives a clear sense of aspiration, of strength and determination of purpose. There are no excuses but the invitation to belong to a clear and focused dynamic where ‘The Difference IS magic!’

“My recommendation is not only that this school renew its IQM accreditation but that it also moves to Centre of Excellence status.”

The accreditation of “Centre of Excellence” was consequently awarded and remains current as at 2016-17 Academic Year.