School History

Queen Eleanor Primary Academy is named after Eleanor of Castile, who was the wife of King Edward I. Eleanor was born in Castile, Spain in 1241 and married to Edward I of England in 1254. The relationship between Eleanor and Edward was especially close, with Eleanor even participating in military campaigns. There is a legend about Eleanor sucking poison from an infected wound which Edward received in battle. Although this story has been discredited, it is a sign of how stories about the strong relationship between Eleanor and Edward grew.

Eleanor was a successful businesswoman, and patron of the arts. She promoted literature, the weaving of tapestries and carpets, as well as using tableware in the Spanish style.

When Eleanor died at Harby near Lincoln, her body was transported to London where a funeral would take place at Westminster Abbey. The journey took several days, with the funeral cortege stopping overnight. Edward I ordered a stone cross to be built at each location the cortege stopped, including at Delapre Abbey where to funeral procession stopped on 8th December 1290.

The Eleanor Cross is located in Hardingstone, and is 1 of the 3 surviving cross. The other 9 of the original 12 have been lost to history.

At Queen Eleanor Primary Academy, we endeavour to develop pupils who are as brave and creative as our namesake, Queen Eleanor of Castile.