School History

Queen Eleanor Primary Academy is named after Eleanor of Castile who was the mother of Edward II.  Eleanor was born in 1241, the daughter of Fernando III of Castile and his second wife Jeanne. She was married to Edward I, son of Henry III in 1254. The marriage was a happy and successful one, producing sixteen children in all, though only six survived to adulthood, the only surviving son being the future Edward II. She died in 1290 aged 49, at Harby.

After her death and burial at Westminster Abbey, Edward had memorial crosses placed at every stop he made on the journey from Lincoln to Westminster with her body. There were twelve in all, of which only three remain, none complete. One of these is at Hardingstone which is near to Queen Eleanor Academy.

Queen Eleanor was known as the Queen of ‘good memory’ and ‘the faithful’

This unusual picture at the top of the page illustrates a medieval love story. Eleanor of Castile was only 10 when she married the 15 year old Edward of Westminster in 1254, but they were devoted to each other. She accompanied him on military campaigns, famously giving birth to their son Edward in a camp during the construction of Caernarfon Castle.

On a crusade to the holy land in 1272, Edward was wounded in the arm by a poisoned knife. When the wound became inflamed, Eleanor sucked out the poison and saved his life