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Inspiration-Tree-smlQueen Eleanor Primary School opened in 1952 and is situated on the edge of the local recreation ground just a short walk from Delapre Abbey, which has excellent woods and park land. The local area of Far Cotton is to the south of the town of Northampton and our particular area was expanded with the arrival of the railway in Northampton.

The school is named after Queen Eleanor of Castile who was the wife of King Edward 1st. When she died in 1291 King Edward commissioned the building of 12 crosses which would be placed along the journey that her coffin would pass, on its journey to London.

The Northampton Cross stands on the edge of Delapre Abbey and is one of only three still to survive. The pupils study aspects of local history and geography as part of their curriculum with regular visits to the Queen Eleanor Cross.


Our aims are

  • for all teaching and learning to be outstanding across the school
  • for standards of work to be consistently high across all subjects and at least to National Standards
  • for every child to make their expected or higher progress consistently during their time at Queen Eleanor school
  • for all adults working within the Queen Eleanor community to excel in their professional roles
  • for all members of the Queen Eleanor community to be ambassadors for their school
  • for all pupils leaving Queen Eleanor to be equipped with the life skills that will enable them to successfully continue with their learning
  • for all parent and carers to be equal partners in their child’s education

‘With a little motivation and a lot of gumption
there is nothing I cannot do.’
Darcy, Year 6