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Queen Eleanor Primary Academy is a Creative Education Academy. The Creative Education Trust is a charity and social enterprise set up in 2011 with support from leaders in the creative industries, innovation-based businesses and education.

The Trust’s mission is to improve standards of education and skills for children and young people across the UK, equipping them to be successful adults in the competitive, globalised world of the future. The creative, problem-solving, innovation and making skills used in design, engineering, high-tech manufacturing and architecture are at the heart of the Trust’s approach to learning, because they are at the heart of the UK economy of the future.

The Creative Education Trust pursues its aims through exciting innovations in curriculum, teaching and learning. Those innovations fuel educational improvement and develop students with modern employable skills.

The Trust has a growing number of primary and secondary academies across England. Its ambition is simple: to be among the very best providers of publicly-funded education in the country.

CET Head Office Staff

Marc Jordan - Chief Executive
Philip Cantwell - Director of Education
Emily Campbell - Director of Programmes
Mark Mumby - Director of Standards
Nicholas Brann - Group Finance Director
Victoria Tricarico - Director of Human Resources
Link to CET Website for full information including statutory information regarding the Trust.